TRACKING: The Rosebuds - "Christmas Dan"

SOUNDS LIKE: One of the best bands out there today is in the holiday spirit
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: It's nice having new Christmas songs every year, isn't it?

If you've ever spent a moment with any album from North Carolina's The Rosebuds over the last decade, you're bound to hear some sleigh bells pop up on one of their songs eventually.  Between that, and Ivan Howard's impeccable croon, you might have thought to yourself that they would be suited to make a Christmas album some year.  Well wonder no more: not only do they have a brand new Christmas album out, Christmas Tree Island, but it's full of 13 brand new Christmas compositions!

One of those songs tells the tale of a man named "Christmas Dan", and from the sounds of that irresistable sax solo, his favorite Christmas song is probably "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree".  He flosses his teeth with garland, uses a candy cane for an earring, and apparently took his Trans AM and converted it into a sleigh.  Whether or not the reindeer have enough horsepower to keep the thing flying all night, that's never revealed, but what is apparent is The Rosebuds have given all their fans some new Christmas songs to spread to their friends and family for many holidays to come.

Christmas Tree Island is out now via The Rosebuds' Bandcamp page.