The Sea Life - Transistions (EP)

Naming an EP “Transitions” is always a risky move. Immediately, the listener knows he or she is experiencing something in flux – maybe it’s the stories in the songs, maybe it’s the band itself. But none of it is permanent and it getting attached could be a risky move.

It turns out that DC-based Sea Life is a band in transition, with members leaving and the lives of the remaining members changing over the last year. The four songs do reflect that, covering a wide range of topics, some serious and reflective, others filled with whimsy. “You’re sleeping in my head again” “Skinnybones” announces, while Transitions asks, “How do you bury someone when it’s too late?”  The music is catchy and tuneful, drawing references from a variety of early 00s influences.

Despite the sense of change, The Sea Life remains an intriguing band to keep your eyes on, just to see where this change takes them.