The Shouting Matches - "Avery Hill"

SOUNDS LIKE: Your favorite bar band..fronted by the most sensitive man in the world, Hindu Love Gods, ZERO CABINS

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Sometimes “superstars” gotta lay back and indulge their inner 14 year old and get back to their bluesy, Crate practice amp roots. Sometimes that’s actually a good thing.

Mention the name "Bon Iver" and images of tender, bearded, and mostly mannish emotions come to mind - ALL OF THEM AT ONCE. But somewhere behind the isolated cabins andKarate Kid Tributes is a real, honest to god music fan that is unafraid to explore any and every genre and style of music that catches his ear.

OnGrown Ass Man, the trio of Vernon and buds Brian Moen (Peter Wolf Crier) and Phil Cook (Megafaun) have swung for the barstool and produced a collection of raw, bluesy songs that are informed as much by where they came from – any musician worth their salt has the shitty amp, basement 12 bar shuffle in their repertoire – as it is by what they’ve accomplished since those halcyon days of fumbling sonic ecstasy.

Kicking the set of with the ZZ Top-worthy strut, “Avery Hill,” Veron abandons his trademark falsetto for that of the beer soaked barfly, crooning to a room of salty weekenders and dusty regulars. It’s  a heads up that you’re in for a long, shot filled night and an assuredly blurry morning, but you’ll know that you had fun all the same.