TRACKING: The Sweets - "Red Nose"

SOUNDS LIKE: A  sweaty garage, the bottom of a beer can, a full ashtray…in short Rock N’ Roll
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: These North Carolina brothers are on a mission to scandalize and won’t stop till they’ve made more music than ANYONE this year.

The simple pleasure of plugging in, turning it up to 11 and screaming about it is what’s at the core of all garage rock/lo-fi, and so it’s no wonder that every few years we see a resurgence in this most vital of all genres. In 2012 artists like FIDLAR, Ty Segall, The Oh See’s and more found success by the masses, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for more noise. Enter brothers Justin and Zack Romano of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, who are on a mission to not just be as LOUD as they possibly can in 2013, but to do it as often as their eardrums will allow it.

“Red Nose”  the lead off track of the first of TWO EP’s thebrothers have already produced this year is a burst of overdriven rock and roll fantasy that captures everything The Sweets are about in a messy cloud of fuzz and bong smoke.

Check out what the brothers have to say about their “mission” below:

Justin and I grew up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. At an early age we fell in love with The Strokes and started playing the guitar. From then on we became obsessed with making music, playing in little bands around town, mostly shitty. Garage rock was our passion, but there was no crowd for it down here.

Once we split up and went to college however, we stopped caring about that and started making the aggressive music we love. Taking a lot of inspiration from Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees, we started howling away in the garage. Our songs are about all of our experiences growing up in suburbia – from working as waiters at retirement homes to getting arrested shoplifting, from having our parents give our first dog away to sneaking out and dropping acid. The plan is to release more music this year than any other artist, and having it all be free. We’ve got plenty of sweetness to spread around and we plan on doing just that. 

 -Zach (sweets4evr)

That’s ROCK AND ROLL folks, pure and simple.

There’s no telling what we’ll be getting by the end of the year from The Sweets, but  if “Nose” is any indication, it’s sure to be a loud, catchy ride into the dark corners of their garage and beyond. We’ll be checking back with the guys periodically so be sure to stay tuned, but in the meantime stream their latest work below and check their site for new material and more.