The Thermals - "Born To Kill

SOUNDS LIKE: Big. Loud. Thermal-y

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Because it sounds like the f#$#ing Thermals, that's why! 

"Born to Kill" is exactly what you look for in a Thermals song- exhilarating emphatic punk pop momentum, pounding beat and Hutch Harris’ half sung, half shouted voice over the whole two minute explosion. Like all Thermals songs, the burst reveals subtle depth on repeated listens, with lines like, "This is who I am, nothing will change it, I will not be denied my destiny,” an bombastic pride with a underlying frustration that hints at the idea that being locked in that path isn’t as rewarding as the bombast makes it sound.

The track also works equally well for introducing someone to the band as it does to welcome old fans to the new album. Thematically, each album varies but musically, none stray far from their signature sound. The Portland trio, comprised of Harris, Kathy Foster and Westin Glass, formed in 2002, and have released five albums prior to 2013’s “Desperate Ground,” their first on Saddle Creek Records.