TRACKING: Times New Viking - "Sleep-In"

SOUNDS LIKE: Guided By Voices having a jam session with Yo La Tengo
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: These Ohio kids keep sounding cleaner and catchier with every new song

Last year, Ohio's Times New Viking signed a new deal with indie stalwart Merge and released the instant classic Dancer Equired! Full of some of the most memorable songs of their short career, the band seemed to care about the sound more than ever.  Matter of fact, all that static and squall that once covered every inch of tape they recorded on seemed to disappear.  Like their heroes before them, the mighty GBV, they had made a move from lo-fi to mid-fi in quick succession.

Continuing down the rout under the bushes and stars, the band have a new EP out this fall.  "Sleep-In," the first taste from Over & Over, finds the band back on their original distributor, Slitbreeze, but couldn't be any furhter away from what they once were.  A GBV 4/4 beat is matched up with an insanely off kilter YLT set of keys, as Adam Elliott and Beth Murphy go back and forth with their juxtaposed vocals.