TRACKING: Toro Y Moi - "So Many Details"

SOUNDS LIKE: Washed Out, Small Black, Passion Pit
WHY SHOULD YOU CARE: The man behind the phrase, er, genre known as "chillwave" is crossing over?

Chaz Bundick, the mastermind behind the group Toro Y Moi and The Master of Chillwave is ready for a change supposedly.  From his first Toro Y Moi EP's, full of guitar driven lo-fi bedroom confessions, Bundick cleaned up the fidelity and boosted up the bass on 2010's Causers Of This.  He then took the best of both of those worlds, combining live instruments with funk grooves to give us last year's smash Underneath The Pine.  And now, so it seems, Chaz wants to just scrub himself of any inkling of chillwave dirt that might be left on his skin.

New single "So Many Details", the first single from his upcoming Anything In Return LP, is a move in another direction, but not so much sonically.  In that much respect, the details of "Details" harken back to the best of moments of This: little twinkles of moments that sound like keyboards misfiring, quick strikes of guitar that fade in to that distance yet get caught in the psyche for the rest of the day.  His vocals have never been more clean and clear in the mix, this new song almost sounds like he's trying to be kind of like an indie version of Passion Pit, but it's just what Chaz calls his take on making quote "sincere pop music".  He wants to make his version of what's popular, and if this song is a minor detail of what else is to come, he'll be even popular yet this time next year.