TRACKING: Turbo Fruits - "Harley Dollar Bill$"

SOUNDS LIKE: JEFF The Brotherhood, Those Darlins, Kings Of Leon
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: If you like great riffs and motorcycles, this is your jam

Summer recently turned into fall, and even though you might be looking for some more autumnal sounds about holding hands and late nights around campfires, we can still find a way to relive summer.  What if we had a song that put us back to our favorite summer moments, or at least painted a picture of one involving you and your beloved motorcycle?  Add those lead characters to the story's backdrop of an upbeat sunny afternoon with bright rays of guitars shining on the open road, and you have a memory for your LiveJournal - I mean, the new single from Turbo Fruits.

"Harley Dollar Bill$" harkens back to Youth And Young Manhood Kings Of Leon, with those southern fried guitars and a subject much lighter than one's supposed intercourse being engulfed in flames.  It would make sense then that the band has a home on the Serpents & Snakes label run by the brothers Followill.  The song winds around the hills and backroads looking for those straightaways to break the speed limit.  And with a refrain of "Ride away" the only place you'll want to ride off to is the beginning of this song again and again.