TRACKING: Ugly Purple Sweater - "DC USA"

Sounds Like: A little indie-pop, a touch of plunky Americana, a hint of Midlake and a schoce of EP era Arcade fire. In other words GOOD
Why you should care: The DC music scene constantly seems to be just at the cusp of being something big again. This is one of the bands that is probably gonna make that happen. 

You never know quite what you’re going to get from Washington, DC’s Ugly Purple Sweater. One song might wade into the smart indie pop section of the pool, while the next might head off into the deep end of some weird Americana, but one thing is for sure every listen is guaranteed to satisfy. Since 2008 singer/songwriter Sam McCormmaly and crew have been turning out songs that are as ecletic as they are powerful, and on Tuesday they continued in that tradition with the release of  their latest effort, DC USA, the title track from which you can check out in the video below.

To celebrate this release, Ugly Purple Sweater will be performing at DC’s own Black Cat THIS SATURDAY (the 12th) along with friends Kingsley Flood – who also have new record coming out -  and Kindlewood. Tickets are on sale HERE, and it’s a night of DC-centric music that is NOT to be missed. We’ll see you at the show.