TRACKING: Widowspeak - "Calico"

SOUNDS LIKE:A touch of hazy Mazzy Star with a folky undercurrent.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: "Calico" is a slight side step for fans; dark and mysterious, but continues to find the beauty and delicacy of each moment.

“Calico,” the new single from Widowspeak’s forthcoming EP The Swamps, pairs vocalist Molly Hamilton with sparse but dramatic guitar from Robert Earl Thomas to create a lovely, swirly world of mystery and memory. By name alone, “Calico” could have been a upbeat folk song, but it pulls itself away from lighthearted associations with cutesy floral fabric and mischievous cats to explore a haunted past that seems filled with regret and a sense of foreboding. It’s the sort of song that would make a perfect addition to a Halloween soundtrack.

The SwampsEP will be released on October 29 by Captured Tracks.