TRACKING: Youth Lagoon - "Dropla"

SOUNDS LIKE: Powers has upped the ante - and the fidelity - on his new single
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Might be one of the first great songs of 2013

On his debut album as Youth Lagoon, 2011's The Year Of Hibernation, the listener was treated to a voyage inside the cavernous mind of Idaho native Trevor Powers. The songs sounded as if they were being broadcast to a sect of underground cavern dwellers, loaded with a heavy heart as Powers told his trembling tales of how he ultimately thought he was going to lose his parents, his friends, and in the process himself.

Although the subject matter hasn't changed, with its anthemic refrain of "you'll never die", Powers upped the ante and fidelity on new single "Dropla". The first taste from the upcoming Wondrous Bughouse - out March 5th on Fat Possum - the massive six-minute track is borne from a new tunnel in Powers' mind, one that might be more aligned with the great Brian Wilson. With layers of keyboards and loops that wouldn't be entirely out of place on Pet Sounds, Powers still faces his fear of death and the ones he loves, but does so with a confidence beaming from his voice that was not there a mere 18 months ago.