Ultimate Painting - "Ten Street"

Sounds Like: The Velvet Underground after they hit the Pavement, a late 60's cool that never, ever goes out of style

Why You Should Care: A dirty secret of almost everyone/anyone who is played in a band is that sometimes the most fun to jam out on the music that you were raised on, and on their debut record Ultimate Painting’s James Hoare (of Veronica Falls) and Jack Cooper (of Mazes) deliver on that basic tenet in spades. “Ten Street”, the second single from the upcoming record, is positively steeped in Velvety goodness, delivering a driving, psychedelic, guitar-hook heavy jaunt that all comes crashing down to the beat of a drum and one lonely piano in the end like some groovy bad trip. Does it sound familiar? Hell yea. Can you get it out of your head? Not a chance.

Ultimate Painting is out 10/28 on Trouble In Mind Records.

ULTIMATE PAINTING Track: "Ten Street" Album:  Ultimate Painting    Official Site  

Track: "Ten Street"
Album: Ultimate Painting

Official Site 

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