Vicente Garcia @ Fillmore Silver Spring - 4/14/2019

Three-time Latin Grammy winner Vicente Garcia returned to the DMV with songs from his upcoming third album Candela in tow. At his Fillmore Silver Spring show, he explained how this project is a return to his Dominican roots and that it explores the traditional music of his motherland. He’s received lots of musical accolades for a good reason - the beauty of his music lies in the blend between the sophistication and complexity of his compositions and the delicacy of his lyrics.

Vicente Garcia at Fillmore Silver Spring (Photo by Carolina Correa-Caro /  @veronik.bandw )

Vicente Garcia at Fillmore Silver Spring (Photo by Carolina Correa-Caro / @veronik.bandw)

On stage, it’s not difficult to recognize the Caribbean influences in Garcia’s music. The singer/songwriter navigated across different sounds like bolero, bachata, reggae, pop and with Candela, merengue, achieving an unmistakable fusion. The years he spent living in Colombia shows in the musical path he has taken, like when he brought out the gaita, a traditional Colombian instrument. Backed by an energetic orchestra/band, Garcia played hits like “Dulcito e Coco,” “Te Soñé,” “Bachata en Kingstone,” and “Carmesí” while dancing with his bandmates and with the audience through it all.

His latest single “Candela” is available now through Sony Music Entertainment Colombia, and his album of the same name will be released on May 10.

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