Wanted Man - "Pardon Me If I Stare"

Sounds Like:

A turbo-charged Southern Culture On The Skids; Hundred Visions if they ‘grew up’ in DC; a garage rawk assault on your good sensibilities; Elvis-cool punkabilly; the bar band that should have been in every fight scene in Road House 

Why You Should Care:  

Part noise, part swing, and all swagger, DC’s Wanted Man have risen up from the basements and back-rooms of the Nation’s Capital to do one thing, and one thing only: ROCK YOU.

This 3-piece featuring Kenny Pirog (sibling to Anthony Pirog - see this year’s deservedly lauded Palo Colorado Dream), John Dilascio on bass and Rick Irby on drums, temper their ferocity and volume with a darkly humorous delivery that’s part noir, part Blue Velvet nightmare. On “Pardon Me If I Stare”, Pirog’s croon adds a layer of grime and sleaze to their tale of bar-room lust that, despite its swerving, prurient groove, somehow manages to stay on the right side of creepy, even bordering on fun. And what good is rock n’ roll if, at the end end of the day, it’s not FUN.*

Wanted Man is opening for the equally rockin’ Natural Child at the Black Cat TOMORROW NIGHT (11/19). Get yer tickets here.

Their newly released self-titled EP AND this year’s Live at DC9  are both available now over on Bandcamp

*Not much. Not much good at all.

WANTED MAN TRACK: "Pardon Me If I Stare" ALBUM: Self-Titled EP   Official Site  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  

TRACK: "Pardon Me If I Stare"
ALBUM: Self-Titled EP

Official Site | Facebook | Twitter