Welcome to ROCKTOBER B@#TCHES!!!!!!!!

Ahhh yes.



Welcome to Rocktober people. Here at ChunkyGlasses we have a longstanding tradition of celebrating this, the finest of months in style. "Longstanding?" you ask. "But you've only been around since February? WTF?". Yes that might techincally be true, Rocktober is why this very site exists.

See, we didn't always used to write about music. Back before there was a ChunkyGlasses.com, there was just a couple of music nerds who talked about music the way most people talk about sports. And that group kept growing and growing, until finally simply talking about it wasn't really practical anymore. So I started to write about it.

The first Rocktober (which is archived here) was a wild ride in music "journalism". The goal was to write up and album a day, EVERY day for the 31 days of Rocktober and send those write ups around to a list of about 200 people. And it wasn't just any albums. These were the albums that you MUST have in you collection, at least if we were to remain friends that is.

That years Rocktober was fueled by my absolute certainty in what are the greatest albums of all time. And they are. I'm right. At last as long you're sorting through my music collection. But hearing just me talk gets oh so boring, so in 2010 I oepened the event up to the public. 

Instead of the greatest albums of all time, the albums presented that year were the albums that were the most meaningful to everyone who participated. Music has the capability to deliver universal messages to a listener, but in the end it's how YOU percieve it and what meanings YOU prescribe to it that counts. So that in mind, stories were gathered, and what was published was a fascinating and at times touching portrait of my friends and their life with with music. Those pieces are archived right here and, while you may not know these people, you can get a sense of who they are just from reading their reports on essentially all fo this music stuff has meant to them over the years. 2010 was a good year. 

But now it's 2011. And we have a website. And we're doing this stuff all freaking day. So what to do, what to do?

Well how about start with a theme.

This year we're going to be exploring the Best/Worst Albums of All Time? What does that mean? Well it's sort of entirely up to you, but in my mind at least, it's those records that you know, deep down in your soul, are just sort of bad, but you can't help loving them. In fact LOTS of poeple can't help loving them. We've got our list (mostly) ready, and I can assure you that this is going to cover almost the entire range of modern music, to sometimes hilarious and awful results. But the point of the whole exercise, as well as the point of this site really, is that music should be celebrated, even if it sometimes might not be consdered the "best"

Now, like I said, we have our list MOSTLY ready. What that means is that we have a few spaces for you. LOVE music and want to talk about it? Shoot us an email at info@chunkyglasses.com telling us about your Best/Worst Album and you might just make it on the list!

Also, recognizing that none of this does really doesn't do you any good if you haven't actually heard the album we're including links to Spotify and Rdio at the end of every piece for you to go experience the badness for yourself. Personally, we love Rdio here, and recommend everyone check it out. Yes, it's the one you have to pay for (and no we don't get a cut) but it's FOUR BUCKS folks for all the music that you could ever want. That's sorta crazy talk people, even in 2011.

Starting TODAY tune in at NOON every day this month to see what awesomely bad album we have for you next. Rocktober has never disappointed us yet, and this year is going to be no expction. 

Devil horns in the air bitches. It's time for ROCKTOBER!