White Eyes - "Streetcar Love"

Sounds Like:

Perfectly perfected psychedelic pop; Jefferson Airplane; Quicksilver Messenger Service; The Guess Who; the sound of a million vans crying out at once; Chunky HQ on any given day.

Why You Should Care:

In the late ‘60s, upcoming Numero Group subjects White Eyes were bringing the sunny sounds of California’s psychedelic-pop explosion to the plains and flatlands of the American Midwest. Anchoring the front of a record that covers the gamut of van rock (there’s a bitchin’ take on traditional blues standard “I Know You Rider”), “Streetcar Love” certainly mines some familiar territory – it’s safe to say, given the similarity to this hit by The Guess Who, that they should be thankful they don’t exist in today’s world of blurred lines and stolen vibes – but in a pre-internet world, how else were fans supposed to get their heady fix?

The answer, sadly, was that they weren’t. Meant to be used as a calling card that would carry the group on to bigger and better things, White Eyes, the band and the album, faded off into obscurity until crossing the paths of the good folks at Numero Group, as gems like this so often do. Thankfully, White Eyes, the album, has been rescued from obscurity, and you’ll be able to put it in your ears/van/basement whenever you find it appropriate (which, real talk guys, this continues in Numero Group’s tradition of reissuing somewhat, ahem, “lady adverse” albums. Playas be warned!), come this Spring.

White Eyes will be released by Numero Group on May 12. Check out your first taste below, and if you dig it the most, you can pre-order your ticket to groovy here.

White Eyes Track: "Streetcar Love" Album:  White Eyes    Official Site  

White Eyes
Track: "Streetcar Love"
Album: White Eyes

Official Site