Win Stuff!: Stick Men @ Jammin' Java THIS FRIDAY (4/27)

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THIS FRIDAY 3 legendary legends will descend upon the stage at Vienna's legendary Jammin' Java to deliver what is sure to be a legendary performance that will be the stuff of, well, LEGEND. That may be a whole lot of legend but when we're talking about the three musicians in question, it may not be enough to do them justice. Read on below to find out everything you've ever wanted about Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto and Marus Reuter, but rest assured, this show is the BIGTIME folks. Seriously great music made my seriously great musicians.

So great in fact, that we can't keep it all to ourselves, which is why we want to send you and a friend out to take part in this legendary musical throwdown. There are two ways you can enter:

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We'll pick a winner at random and announce the winner tomorrow at 10 am sharp via Twitter, so make sure you're tuned in. Check out the video below to see Stick Men in action and GOOD LUCK!!


The genesis of the band came from Pat Mastelotto and Tony Levin playing together for years in the influential progressive rock band, King Crimson. In 2007 Tony did a solo album titled Stick Man, featuring Pat on drums - and the desire to play that material live spurred a search for a second Stick player. The job was filled admirably by Stickist Michael Bernier, and from 2008 the group wrote and toured extensively, releasing two CD's along the way. In 2010, Michael decided the touring schedule took him away from home more than his family life could handle, so the search began for a replacement. And a short search it was: obvious from the start that Markus Reuter was the right player - he was already in a duo with Pat, called Tuner, and is very knowledgeable about the King Crimson repertoire (much of which Stick Men chooses from in their live shows.) The band has toured in The U.S, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Japan, and the Canary Islands! 

Born and raised in Northern California during the late 50 and 60's when Rock music and the British Invasion was everywhere took Pat to Los Angeles in the mid 70s where drummed in countless sessions and bands. By mid 80s Pat's band Mr Mister had number one records all over the world, followed by more of the same with artists like XTC, Cock Robin, The Rembrandts, Hall& Oats and Jude Cole. In the mid 90's - just after Pat's touring with David Sylvian and Robert Fripp - Robert Fripp invited Pat to join King Crimson, where he has remained for the past 18 years. Pat now lives near Austin Texas and continues to tour and record with numerous artists from all over the world - most recently Kimmo Phojonen, Allan Holdsworth, Steven Wilson from Porcupine Tree, The Flower Kings, . . and Stick Men!
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Born in 1946, in Boston, and now living in Kingston, NY, Tony was a Classical bassist in his youth (performing for John Kennedy at the White House in 1960) and then a jazz player, playing with Gary Burton, Larry Coryell, Chuck Mangione and others. He found himself most at home in a rock setting, though, and from the mid 70's, having done many studio recordings, he left the NY studio scene to play live rock. Peter Gabriel and King Crimson found him to be the right player for them, and to this day he is a touring and recording member of those bands. Some notable other artists Tony has recorded with are John Lennon, Pink Floyd, Ringo, Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Paul Simon and Steven Wilson. Tony has released 5 solo albums, on his own Papabear Records, and on other labels. He has three books released, Beyond the Bass Clef , and photo books Road Photos, and Crimson Chronicles.
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Musician, composer and record producer, Markus specializes in touch guitar playing and loop music. Recently he has expanded his activities into instrument design. Initially trained as a guitarist, Reuter studied Robert Fripp's Guitar Craft and learned to play the Chapman Stick and Warr Guitar. He now favors the U8 Touch Guitar, which he co-designed with Texan luthier Ed Reynolds. Reuter has released several solo recordings and worked extensively with other musicians. He is one of the two core members of the electronic music duo Centrozoon (alongside Bernhard Wöstheinrich), is half of the duo Tuner (with Pat Mastelotto) and was also a member of the Europa String Choir. He has also collaborated with Ian Boddy, Robert Rich, No-Man singer Tim Bowness, producer David Bottrill, and many others. Reuter has produced records for The Season Standard, UMA, Tovah, Skin Diary, Chrysta Bell, Moonbound, The Redundant Rocker, and the Toyah Willcox-related project This Fragile Moment, in which he was also one of the main contributing musicians. contributing musicians.
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