First off, I know I've been mislabeling some of the days but with this much rock it gets confusing sometimes and I get lost. Now it's sort of appropriate an album by the Boss come directly after The Hold Steady because if you listen to them for even 5 minutes you realize they freakin LOVE Springsteen...but they don't sound like this album. This is Springsteen in soft rock mode, and by that I don't mean Air Supply, I mean that it's basically just him so at least the music in the songs has none of the volume that his efforts with the E Street Band. It's a quiet, vaguely depressing album, but one of the greats none the less. Of note is the track "Atlantic City"...if you can point me to a better track by Springsteen with or without the E Street band I would love to hear it...I'd be skeptical, but I'd love to hear it.

Next up: Fiery haired country/indie goddess breaks hearts and keeps it creepy all for you