DAY 16!: DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS - Southern Rock Opera

This album is quite simply a love letter to Rock N Roll. Craig Finn is often quoted as saying the reason he got back intorock and started the Hold Steady was because he saw a DBT show on New Years (where they would have been playing most of these songs) and I 100% believe him. I can't really remember what was going on in music at the time I heard this, I just know that it probably wasn't good. I had heard about this album for about a 1 1/2  years before I heard it. I had missed seeing it played, twice, at a bar that was maybe 2 blocks away and smaller than my apartment. I had written the band off for no reason in particular....then one day, for no particular reason, I decided to go out and buy the damn album. I had this big weekend planned where I was going to paint my place and fix it up a little. Totally exciting, I know. I think my rational was that I needed something new to listen to, and this was before the days when I could have downloaded whatever i wanted in under a minute so I had no choice but to drag my ass to the record store and give them my cash. Got home with it, had everything prepped to start painting and then went and hit play...which is when all hell broke loose. What was coming out of my speakers wasn't new, wasn't really original...what it was was F@#@ING ROCK!!!. I eventually stopped painting and listened to BOTH albums straight through. Then I started painting and listened to it again, and again, and again. I listened to that damn album at least 10 times that day, and I can honestly tell you that whatever funk I was in at the time was gone afterwards. But enough about that. This album is one big boozy redneck storytelling opus, as much a tribute to 
Lynyrd Skynyrd
 as it is to the South as a whole. With a sound that can best be described as the Stones filtered through a swamp made out of Faulkner, (though that's probably giving Hood a little too much good a storyteller as he is, one wouldn't necessarily describe his mastery of language as "exceptional")  it literally bleeds out of your speakers. You can't turn it off and you really can't forget it. I realize that at least half of the people reading this already have everything thing the Truckers have ever done, so for them I'd remind you that this is out on VINYL now, so you can always buy it again...for the rest of you, grab a bottle of whiskey and a case of mickeys big mouth, turn your amp up to 11 and hang on because you're really, really gonna enjoy the s@#t out of this record.

Next Up: Fledgling guitar god causes heads across the world to asplode...errr....erupt.