I'm sure you're probably thinking, "MY GOD! HE MUST BE JOKING!" but I assure you I most certainly am not. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has heard the mega hit "Don't Dream It's Over" off of this so there is no point in discussing it, but how many people have heard the rest of the album? If, in your youth, you bothered to pick this one up you would have found out that people did in fact write good songs in the 80's...EXTREMELY good songs. It also would have been your intro into more "New Wave" acts like Split Enz, Neil Finn and Paul Hester's previous group. All in all it would have been a total win for you....but you probably didn't pick it up because it wasn't Foreigner or Brian Adams, Journey, Van Halen or whatever the hell else was out this year. Point is this is a fantastic album (with the exception of the bonus track "Can't Carry On", which is still good but one can see why it was left of the original release) that defies the time period it was released in by actually being GOOD. What's more, it's still good today. Any band could release this album today and Bob Boilen would be all over it, telling them in interviews that HE TOO is a musician....but I digress. Pretty much EVERY album Crowded House went on to make is fantastic (particularly "Woodface") and well worth your time, so ignore the stigma of "sissy rock" that this band carries with it, give this  a listen and get ready to enjoy one of the best if not more unique pop albums ever made...ever.

ps. in the learn something new every day column...I've been listeing to this album for over 25 years and just found out that JOE SATRIANI sings backup on this album. WHAT.THE.EFF???