I'll be honest, I ignored Blind Melon's first album when it came out. It was being played EVERYWHERE, but after hearing "Tones of Home" way to many times I had written them off as Jane's Addiction wannabes. "No Rain" piqued my interest a little bit my stance was firm and I continued to pretty much ignore them. Hell, I even remember when they released "Galaxie", the first single off of their second album, this album, and I pretty much ignored that, so why I went into the Record Exchange one day and picked "Soup" up out the used bin (for about $3 I think) I will never know. What I do know is that it changed the way I felt about music and making music forever. I put it on when I got home and gave it a listen..and another...and another..and it just got better and better and BETTER. Why hadn't I known this before? WTF was WRONG WITH ME??!! HOW COULD I BE SO WRONG???? 

 I don't freaking know. This s@#@ was FANTASTIC!!

There's an economy to this album that you don't hear often, but when an album is  put together this well even the lesser songs can be forgiving because the whole is just so damn perfect. In my estimation there isn't a single note out of place, wasted, or unintended in this albums 46 minute runtime, and it's a feat that Blind Melon would sadly never be able to repeat. In no particular order, I'd have to say my favorite songs on the album are:

Galaxie" – 3:3
"2 X 4" – 4:00
"Vernie" – 3:15
"Skinned" – 1:57
"Toes Across the Floor" – 3:07
"Walk" – 2:47
"Dump Truck" – 3:40
"Car Seat (God's Presents)" – 2:42
"Wilt" – 2:30
"The Duke" – 3:37
"St. Andrew's Fall" – 4:12
"New Life" – 3:35
"Mouthful of Cavities" – 3:34
"Lemonade" – 3:37 .

Get the picture? I freaking ADORE this album. It's a freakshow that somehow came together to glorious results and I'd be hard pressed to name any other album that is more important to me than "Soup". But enough of me yapping. This one will either change your life or it won't but either way now it is yours.

PS. I left off the hidden track because I didn't know about it when I first heard the album, but if you really want it then I guess you could probably (HORROR!!! SHOCK!!!) go out and buy a copy  ;)

NEXT UP: With little to do you probably have no choice but to make a lot (LOT) of noise