There's nothing you can really say about the Pixies that hasn't been said before. They are the PREMIER rock band for a generation, and maybe for all generations. Nobody has really been able to write songs like theirs before or since and believe me, people have tried. I forget where the quote "Everybody who heard the Pixies ended up starting a band" or something like that comes from, but it is essentially true. Even if you can't play a single note their songs make you want to go out and rock something, anything, and rock it LOUD. It makes me a little sad that they are currently still doing the reunion tour victory lap (which I guess they deserve) instead of making new music, but hey, they still sound fantastic and are still as loud as ever. I'm going to assume that everyone reading this has at least heard one Pixies song, but if you haven't I'm deeply envious of you because your brain is about to be melted in the most wonderous way possible.

Next up: HAIL SATAN!!!!!