Got your sacrificial goat? Spare virgin? Holy water? You're gonna need em all to protect you from these two bands. From the beginning rock n' roll has been seen as evil, lustful, druggy and noisy. Some call that AWESOME but in the early days people were so concerned about Elvis's hips that they would only allow him on television from the waste up. Well, this apparently made Satan a little angry and so he spat forth on the world METAL,  and the only rules he put on METAL were that you had to be a)loud and scary and b)make it clear that you are hailing him in your music, dress, artwork, etc....those square from the 50's and 60's should have quit while they were ahead. Because now they've got to deal with the likes of Slayer and Mastodon. I'll be honest, I didn't listen to much slayer when this album came out (1988) and I really don't know why. A friend has a theory that I was too busy listening to Wham! at the time but that's neither here nor there. Point is, I've heard them since, and they scare me. This is loud, violent, goat sacrificing, druid worshiping rock that doesn't let up and fully expects that you may not survive the listening experience. This is it folks...the essence of Rocktober. and it's not for everyone...Crowded House lovers may want to find something to hide uner at this point.....but if you haven't ever heard this album at least try it out. It's a snapshot of where this type of music was in 1988 and, surprisingly, where it is NOW. I've included Mastodon's excellent album from this year because after listening to both, I realized that not much had changed. It's still has the same punishing drums, thrashing guitars and vocals from the pits of hell. It still hails Satan, or Rasputin in Mastodon's case. It's still freaking AWESOME but in a slightly scary way. Not much has changed but maybe that's the point....this stuff is pure demon loving rock n' roll and not much needs to change. That consistency, that purity, makes me at the very least respect the genre that both of these bands operate in and at best it makes me feel really good about the fact that should I ever need to raise the dark lord he's right there on my ipod...waiting...

Anyone got a spare goat?

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