Upfront:Greg Dulli is a disgusting man. He drinks too much, smokes to much...he does EVERYTHING too much. This is normally not a good thing, but in his case it gave him the most lascivious, sneering, gut wrenching howl in rock, so I guess it's OK. Some of you may remember this band when they had a minor hit back in with the title track back in 1993, but after that they pretty much labored off into obscurity sometime in the early 2000's, never to be heard from again, or as a band at least. Once you get past the title track, which is rocktastic in it's own rights, you discover an album that has as much soul as it does darkness, as much self loathing as is does self realization. All of this and it rocks, from start to finish. It's a perfectly bleak statement made by a perfectly bleak band. If you enjoy this I encourage you to check out all of their albums because they truly were a force to be reckoned with and stand, at least in my opinion as one of the better bands to come along in the past 20 or 30 years.

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