This is the REM I love. Jangly guitars, a GIGANTIC drum sound (achieved by recording some parts in an elevator shaft) and Michael Stipe's spastic baritone spouting out cryptic messages for you to decipher (though by this album he wasn't being so cryptic). In later years, especially after drummer Bill Berry left the band, I feel that REM has lost whatever it is that made them so great back then, but this one is a picture of the the band captured right before they hit it big..REALLY big with "The One I Love". That song isn't on this album, but if you can't get by with "Begin the Begin", "Fall On Me", "These Days", "I Believe" or "I Am Superman" then I'm going to have to ask you to turn in your rock card...PERMANENTLY!

I've owned and loved this album since the week it came out, took part in more drunken "I Am Superman" sing alongs in college than I can really count, and in general have had my face rocked by this album for over 20 years...and it still sound freaking AWESOME.  

Now go find out for yourself


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