Let's just get this out of the way. Prince really only has one ultimate goal: He wants to f@#@ you. He doesn't care if you are man, woman, animal, plant, kitchen appliance, etc...he will DO you. Luckily for us there are laws that MAY protect us from the little purple pervert so the only way he can really try to f@#@ us is in our ears...and he pretty much gives that all he's got.

To say that Purple Rain is a masterpiece would be the greatest understatement history. Sure, the movie sort of sucked and was extra licky, but (as much as I love it) that was only a commercial for the real s$##. On Purple Rain, Prince finally let his Revolution out of the closet, a band which, to this day, is the only band he has ever let co-write his songs. The Revolution started out playing on 1999 but wasn't credited until they started working on Purple Rain and to date remain the best band Prince has ever played with. And it shows. Every song on Purple rain kills...Sure you grew up hearing  "Doves Cry" on the radio, the title track, and maybe even "Lets go crazy" but those were just the immediate hits. "The Beautiful Ones" may be the greatest, sickest soul track ever unleashed on the world. The infamous "Darling Nikki" STILL sounds dirty today. In fact EVERY song on the album sounds just as good today as it did in 1984 which is sort of the point. This album is TIMELESS, and there's not many others that you can really say that about. Play anything off of this today, and you'd think it came out this year..really.  This one is one of the great ones...and if you don't agree it's OK because Prince will still try to f@!# you.

I've thrown the follow up to Purple Rain for 2 reasons. One, it is the second and last album with the Revolution as his band, so why not be a completionist. Two, it's really an excellent album. "Rasberry Beret" and "Pop Life" are pure pop in it's finest form. "Tamborine" is as dirty and funky as, well, anything, and you even get a glimpse of Prince's future religious "awakening" with "The Ladder" where the funky purple preacher lays down a lesson to his disciples (admittedly, to sort of laughable but awesome results). Point is Around The World In A Day, while it could never equal the giant that came before it, is still a GREAT album and offers a real glimpse at where Prince and the Revolution could have (and probably should have) gone with their music. For that alone it deserves a little bit of your attention.

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