This will be brief as I quite literally just rolled in the door from a fantastic weekend in Austin. TACOS!!!!!!
Anyways, I've (everyone) has been aware of LCD since their single "Daft Punk is Playing At My House" back in 2005. You know it even if you think you me. I was aware of it yet pretty much dismissed it as "dance music". It sounded pretty harsh to these old man ears. What was this racket that these kids were putting out (they're not fact they are almost exactly my age)? Why am I not hip enough to get this crap. Screw it. I'll let they younguns listen to this garbage. 
Fast forward to today.
I have found myself at an LCD Soundsystem show now for the past three Saturdays. One of those show is, out of hundreds I have attended, is the best rock show I have ever seen. Part of the reason for that is the lynchpin of this album, maybe even of LCD's career, that is "All My Friends". To hear this on record is one thing, but to see it live is quite another thing entirely. Based entirely on a droning insistent piano riff, the song just starts to unfold from the stage. You see the front rows "get it" and start to dance. Then little pockets erupt a little further back. Then the person next to you starts just sort of jumping around. Then YOU start jumping around...and so on and so on until the whole damn place is one giant dance party...even if you've never danced in your life. It's unstoppable. It's brilliant. It's why people make music and even though nothing else on the album quite approaches it, it's why "Sound of Silver" is today's pick.
It's just a taste.
The real thing is waiting for you then next time they come to your town and I mean it when I say you would be doing yourself a grave disservice if you miss them. They're supposedly calling it quits on 11/11/11 so you've still got some time. Make it happen. At all costs.
Now get out there and dance your fucking ass off.