If you know me at all then you know that I have an at times unhealthy love for the band Crowded House. I can't explain it but sometimes I try to force it upon people. This is one of those times. After 2 great albums in the 80's Crowded hose returned with this...which at the time was weird. It was more complex, more mature, and in fact just more (They added Tim Finn to the lineup, making the band a foursome this time around). I didn't get it. Where were the hits? Where were the instantly endearing songs? WHERE??!???! 

So i put the album away....for 10 years.

I don't know what made me start listening to it again, but I pulled it out, gave it a spin and HOLY MOTHER OF was revelation. I got it. Bigtime. Start to finish, every song is better then every song they had done previously in their careers (and better than anything they've done since). Why did it take me so long to figure this out????!!!! 

Woodface is a mature work made by some of the best musicians in the world that will reward you more than most albums I've ever heard if you give it a chance, so give it a chance.....or just come back to it in ten years.