If you don't know him, you'll know some of his music - Bonnie Raitt's Thing Called Love is his song. So is Have A Little Faith In Me covered by many.

Stolen Moments is the first album I ever encountered of John's, and every time I go back to his music, I end up landing on a song from it. From Stolen Moments you can go backward to previous albums (Bring the Family, Slow Turning), or forward to the newer stuff (the latest The Open Road shoulda had a Grammy). Even one in there with Ry Cooder, Jim Keltner and Nick Lowe where they call themselves "Little Village" (after an infamous Sonny Boy Williamson Song from 1957 - look it up). 

I can relate to Hiatt in that he never really amounted to much until he cleaned himself up from drugs and alcohol and start writing and singing about what he could actually feel rather than live the numb life. One of the lines from the title track Stolen Moments is "these days the only bar I ever see, has got lettuce and tomatoes."  I keep having dreams that one day I'll clean myself up and amount to something too! 

- courtesy of Alex Miller