Day 16: Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds

Greetings from Blacksburg. Somehow I ended up here this fine day, and on Homecoming weekend no less. First time in 13 years and it's a little weird to see how this place has grown, but never mind that let's get to the muzac. I grew up on Pink Floyd. Partially because it was about the only thing to listen to in my town, partially because I was a dood, and doods listened to the Floyd. Or at least I thought I did. When I arrived on the Va Tech campus my freshmen year I thought I was well equipped. I had my Zepplin, I knew the Wall back and forth, new my Grateful Dead...shit, I had even tried pot...once...and then never again. I thought I had it made. Then I met Jeremy Mydlinski aka "Hooter". He lived across the hall from me. He had all of this down pat, sure, but he had more...he smoked A LOT of pot...i mean it, seriously. Based on what happened next and nearest I can figure is that this somehow drives a person to explore further, to push on to the weirder stuff in muzac....that the weird stuff just sounds better when you're on the pot...or so I've heard. Anyways, one day he dropped this bomb on me. There were Floyd records before Dark Side of the Moon....LOT'S of them....and man were they weird. "Atom Heart Mother"? Seriously, WTF? "Ummagumma"? ZOMG! I can't take it!!!! It was hard work, but we finally came to this album..."Obscured by Clouds". "Obscured" is actually a soundtrack to a film (cuz the Floyd did that type of thing) which is arguably weirder than ANYTHING the Floyd every came up with sonically, but on this disc they actually come at times as a serious down the middle rock band. Sure there's some spacious groovy space sounds as well as a healthy dose of weird chanting and animal songs but there was also some gorgeous piano work (Wot's...Uh The Deal), some freaky folk (Free Four) and some straight ahead ROCK ("The Gold It's In The"...which is actually one of my favorite songs of ALL TIME). This is a very different Floyd then you're probably familiar with. This is a Floyd that influenced bands like Blitzen Trapper and Fleet Foxes. A Floyd that was trying to fit in with that weird/awesome psychedlic pop sound that was going on in the early 70's. 

This is Floyd distilled down to what they really undeniably great frakking band.

Whether you are on, or off the pot.