Day 17: Kyuss - Welcome To Sky Valley

When I was first introduced to Kyuss a guy told me to check out this band that plays their guitars through base amps and has this wicked melodic sound (I have no way of validating whether or not this is true).  I picked up Blues for the Red Sun and fell in love.  The following album, Sky Valley, just blew my mind.  It will rock your nutz off with some of the most melodic metal/hard rock you have ever heard and this was also back when John Garcia's voice was money.  To top it all off with a super-cool effect (and one I personally hold very dear) they cut the CD with only three tracks to cover all 10 songs--they actually wanted folks to listen to the album.  I know, that's crazy talk especially these days.  Demon Cleaner is pure hard rock genius and Space Cadet will put even the most long haired tatooed satan worshipper into an acoustical trance of awe.  All ten tracks are epic rock songs (several in the 5-7minute range) and there's even a fun bonus at the end.
Aight, I'm off to prepare for another afternoon of looking at the same Hindu temple a dozen more times and acting really impressed.
Peace out