Day 18: Whiskeytown - Pneumonia

I have to break theme a little bit hear and say that I don't have any story a to why this album is important to me, other then it is frakking great, unless the fact that it is a damn near perfect album can be counted as a reason for meaning. I mean, it's really not fair that even from the very start Ryan Adams killed it. Who does that? Really? Sure, he had his collaborators in Whiskeytown, but it really was the Ryan Adams show from the very beginning. And from here he just got BETTER (if you ignore "29" that is)


Arguably, this isn't even Whiskeytown's best album, but does it really matter when it's this good? Crap...ALL of their albums are better then just about anything....and it's because of RYAN FRAKKING ADAMS!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I CAN"T TAKE IT!!!!!!!


But you should feel free to love him, or Whiskeytown, or both....but definitely love this have to....because sometimes things are important simply because they ARE.