Day 22: U2 - Zooropa

Everyone loved U2 in High School. They were fucking awesome. They had a run of badass albums from the "Boy" to "The Joshua" try that really is sort of unheard of today. And if that wasn't enough the then released "Rattle And Hum" which sort of summed up everything they had ever been while fixing a keen eye squarely on the future of U2.

And then they went away.

Seriously. WTF?

But then they came back. And "Achtung Baby" was HUGE...some even think it was their best album...but not me. No, I frakking love "Achtung Baby" backwards and forwards but it's what they did next that has continued to impress over the years. "Zooropa" was an album made by a band who was not content with their own limitations. An album made by a band that really could have done anything after "Achtung" as long as it was the same...but they didn't. "Zooropa" was wildly experimental for the time. It had electronic blips and bleeps, drum machines, weird synths...everything that U2 was not. And for the most part, it bombed with the older fans..."Numb" was TOO out there."Lemon"? Why in the hell is he singling like that. JOHNNY CASH IS ON A U2 ALBUM????? Yes people...Johnny FRAKKING Cash is on a U2 album, and that's one of the many reasons I love it so. Instead of taking the path that they could have taken, the one where they just keep following the same formula over and over and OVER...a path which they are clearly on these days...U2 decided to push the limits of pop music (at the time) while in the process pushing their own limits as to how far away from that U2 sound they could possibly get. That's some role model worth behavior folks, and I mean to tell you that whenever I wonder what an artist, or even myself, can do musically if they just push themselves I look to "Zooropa" for the answer

It should be noted also, that the very next album, "Pop" they tried again...only that time they fact it's one of the worst albums I've ever heard...but you can't hit a home run if you stay on the bench now can ya?