Day 26: Jeff Tweedy Live at The Paramount, Charlottesville, VA.

So HERE's something different. This isn't an album you can't get...until now at least...or if you're good at the internets..or if you taped the thing. It's a live show and it means a WHOLE lot.

I've known the lady now for about 9 years...I think..maybe 8...point is I've known her for a long time. From the get go we've always had a deep unhealthy love of music in common. Used to be I'd see her a few times a year when our mutual friend threw BBQ's...pretty much every holiday. It was always great because invariably we'd be the last ones up, usually trying to outdo one another with knowledge of some obscure band or some great album the other hadn't heard. This would go on for a few hours until we would eventually succumb to the multiple adult beverages we had consumed earlier that day and that was that.. For me at least it was an education, I always looked forward to the holidays because I knew I'd get the chance to see her again and find out what she was up to..musically of course.

Holy shit Rocky Horror Glee is on..this is gonna be AWESOME..

I digress 

ANYWAYS....jump forward a few years...we'd always seen each at those parties but for whatever reason I decided that it might be cool to see her outside that setting and that was that. One problem

She lived in DC. I lived in Richmond. 

Didn't really lend itself to hanging out...that is until Jeff Tweedy announced he was playing at the Cville. 


Except...was it a date? was it not a date? What the hell was going on. This is so weird.

The day came. I figured it was all cool. I was waiting on the Downtown Mall waiting for her to arrive when I get a phone call. It's my sister. My brother in laws brother had died..and right as I"m talking to her about it up walks the lady...OH CRAP...I can't talk about this, can I? I mean you're supposed to be ON for a date...or not date...holy freaking crap. So I told her what had happened. She took in stride...gracefully even (a trait I love about her till this day)...and then we went about the evening...which was great but not eventful. A quick dinner at Miller's, a few beers and then the show...and what a show it was. We even got a "Cars Can't Escape"...if you haven't seen Tweedy solo just know that he is an entertainer of the highest caliber...but you'll find that out when you listen to this. Moving along, we got out of the show and it was time to go...we both had parked down by Water street so we took a little walk and then it was time to say goodnight...with THE MOST AWKWARD HUG THAT HAS EVER OCCURRED IN THE HISTORY OF ALL HUGS. Seriously was fucked up. 

It took a few more weeks from that night but eventually we both just sorta went for it. Now, after almost four years we both live in DC, we have a cat (well he was mine, but he likes her more, and can I blame him? She is WAY prettier) and we both survived last year. And....I've never been happier. EVER. And thanks to always amazing efforts of Taper Craig I can remember exactly what that first night was like every time I dial this album up and push play.

Oh...and for the record...Jeff Tweedy is returning to the Paramount on December 8th. Tickets go onsale tomorrow...and you can be damn sure that we'll be there.

That's it for now. We're in the final stretch for Rocktober folks and it might get interesting.