Static Scene

by Static Scene

Sounds Like: The hardcore howls of old school DC mounting a full-on invasion of the top of the mid 90’s rock charts.

Why You Should Care: DC’s music scene doesn’t end at the river, and this four piece from McClean, VA aims to make sure that fact is heard loud…very loud…and clear.

The DC scene has always been a mish-mash of disparate influences, and the music of Static Scene is no exception. Pulling as much from the city’s storied hardcore history as much they do from the bigger-than-life guitar driven indie rock of the mid-90’s, their songs feel like they’d be just as home in a packed house-show basement as they would on the stage of a sold-out arena.

“Eye For An Eye” matches guttural hardcore howls with thunder-god worthy drums but quickly subverts that formula with shimmering slide guitar. It’s a subtle bait and switch, yet it tells you everything you need to know about Static Scene’s music. Unabashedly rooted in what came before, they aren’t afraid to explore sounds that don’t always fit together, regardless of the “scene” or genre. More importantly though, wherever their muse leads they aren’t afraid to follow it loudly and from the heart.