Episode 237: Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibition

Hip hop's Danny Brown has made a career out of exploring the extremes of his personality. On his fourth LP, Atrocity Exhibition he's brought all of his demons and angels together to create strongest statement yet.  

We've assembled an all-star panel featuring Sarah Godfrey (Washington Post, City Paper), Briana Younger (Bandcamp, Washington Post), and Marcus Dowling (Pitchfork, Bandcamp), explore all the highs and lows that this sonic head-trip has to offer.

PLUS! Post-election talk with Bandcamp's Marcus Moore joining in on the fun.

Show Notes

  • "Sharon Jones, Soul and Funk Singer With Dap-Kings, Dead at 60" [Rolling Stone]

  • "The Death of What.cd and the End of Music Torrenting" [New York Magazine]

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