Good morning. For those of you who have never heard/heard of this album you are the luckiest people alive, because now not only have you heard of it...YOU HAVE IT!! In all honesty, Daria introduced me to this amazing singer/songwriter/goddess and I was so impressed for a number of reasons I figured it might be a good idea to ask her out (Daria that is) which seems to have been a pretty good idea so far. So that right there is reason number one for listening to Neko Case  - SHE BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER. 

Of course in addition to that there is the fact that she has one of the best voices of the last century (disregarding classical/opera of course), she has a wicked sense of humor, she writes great, great, EFFING GREAT songs, can perform in a variety of genres with ease, and if all that hasn't convinced you yet, doods....she is WAY easy on the eyes (sorry to all the ladies reading this but sometimes that's what it takes to get the menfolk listening to the girly singers). Point is, Neko Case is the real deal,  the whole package, the burrito supreme and if she's not in your list of favorites she soon will be.

As for the album, it's one of her best. They ALL are good but if you had to pick one to take to a desert island it would be this one. These songs are steeped in a creepy noir that is almost country, slightly gothic, but mostly just gorgeous.  It's perfect October/Fall listening and really it's the type of album you should just put on and listen to straight through. Take an hour some night this week and just do that. You won't regret it.

Also, if it seems like I gushing about her (I am) it's only because it has been decided that since Daria gets to marry Tunde Adebimpe (TV On The Radio) that I get to marry Ms. Neko Case (I'm SURE she'll say yes...SURE of it) I'm really just fluffing my future wife here...

Next up: Fear, loathing and redneck punk in Belleville, Illinois