First, a little history. Uncle Tupelo was a band made up of what we know today as Wilco and Son Volt. Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar made for albums together before calling it quits, but they were good enough to supposedly start a musical movement known as "alt-country". If you want to know more, read on at the bottom.

If pressed I would tell you that Uncle Tupelo is my favorite band....ever. But I don't listen to them all the time and I'm not fanatical about tracking down each and every recorded minute, studio outtake or bootleg, but they are still my favorite band. I can put on any album by them and instantly feel pretty damn good about the world no matter what's going on. No matter how many times I hear the song "Gun", it loses none of it's rock. None of the songs do, and as much as this band could be labeled "coal miner rock" as it is labeled "alt country", it never ever gets old for me, never sounds dated, and is pretty much perfect. "Still Feel Gone" is my favorite album by them, and I think it avoids the "coal miner rock" label the best and sticks with the "alt country". WIth songs like  "Gun", "Watch Me Fall", "Cold Shoulder" and "If That's Alright", it highlights the fact that even at a young age (23-24) Jeff Tweedy was already a FREAKISHLY good songwriter and gives a little glimpse of what was to come in later years.. Jay Farrar's contributions are great as well, but this was Tweedy's record and he owned it with only a handful of songs. Later albums got back to the "coal miner rock" but for 38 minutes in 1991 Uncle Tupelo straddled the line between country and punk perfectly to deliver this masterpiece to you. Hope you enjoy it and hope that if you weren't a fan before, you will be now.

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