Forget for a moment that Weezer sucks now...I mean really REALLY sucks....I mean they've spent any goodwill they had from their first album at least a 100 times over by now kind of sucks...they are really, REALLY bad...BUT!!! There was a time when Weezer kicked all of the ass and their first album is pretty much as perfect debut as any band has ever released.


Pinkerton, Weezer's SECOND album, stripped away all of the goofy noise 20 sided dies, Buddy Hollie's and Surf Wax USA leaving behind a picture of Rivers Cuomo as a dood how might have issues...a lot of them. This album is raw, honest, slightly sick and most of all ROCKIN! It is hands down Weezer's finest moment as a band and sadly the reason they suck now. See, people didn't really take to Pinkerton, for exactly the reasons that make it so good, and Cuomo took it personally in fact he disowned the album, dissolved the band and pretty much doesn't talk about it to this day. Every album since then has moved further and further away from this monumental achievement in rock but at least he hasn't had it pulled it from the shelves...yet.

Next up - Double up for the second time around