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Episode 51: David Wax of David Wax Museum

In 2010, David Wax Museum took the Newport Folk Festival by storm, and it's been nothing but up, up, up ever since. With thrilling records like 2012's Knock Knock Get Up and an even more thrilling live show the ever evolving band has continued to win over fans  both new and old wherever they go. When the band stopped at the 9:30 Club last week, front-man David Wax sat down with us to discuss their recent relocation to Southwest Virginia, the newest addition to their family...

Episode 50: NUFF SAID

Many moons have passed since we first hit the airways, but now we find ourselves at our FIFTIETH FREAKING EPISODE? What's in store? Did we have an epic guest? Did we break bad like the most EPIC episode of Behind The Music? DID BOSTON ACTUALLY PLAY THE RAWK BASEMENT??!!!


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Vertical Scratchers - "These Plains"

Sounds Lke: A blender of 60s garage / 90s punk and a dash of jalapeno

Why You Should Care: "These Plains" hits like a lightning bolt on a dark stormy night

Let’s say it’s supposed to be spring, but winter just won’t let go. Let’s say it’s a cold dark day, full rain and chill. Let’s say that makes crawling out of bed seem like a totally unreasonable thing to do. Then, you push play on “These Plains” from Vertical Scratchers...

Tycho - "Awake"

Sounds Like: Liquid bliss drizzled over a fresh marriage of old souls and blown-out binaries, rendering divides like organic/electronic and dance/downtempo 100% moot.

Why You Should Care: Because LIQUID BLISS. Also, you’ll want to claim it before every tastemaker and vibe-ologist the world over starts infusing every hip locale with it.

Get a mixing bowl -- ideally, one with a Ghostly International label on it. Throw in a dash of post-rock guitars, a dollop of driving dance bass, and equal parts ambient keys, synth-pop hooks, and urban lounge vibe. Stir ever so gently.

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Thelonius Monk - Paris 1969

Well, of course Thelonious Monk was crazy. Of course he was. Until very recently, there was an aggravating tendency among historians and critics to write off his mental illness as run-of-the-mill eccentricity. “Ha! What a charmingly odd fellow! See how he dances around in a circle! See his strange hats! See how he doesn’t leave his apartment for years at a time!”

What ailed Monk seems completely obvious to us now, but it was mostly ignored while he was alive and playing. I’m not sure if it was because writing about such things was considered rude, or if the press of the time didn’t have the vocabulary to describe what most of us can now recognize as severe mental illness...

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Interview with Ben Asbury aka Axxa/Abraxas

Monday night the one-man project of NC’S Ben Asbury, Axxa/Abraxas, played the vaunted Galaxy Hut in Arlington, VA so we took a trip down the road to chat before his set about the new record, his recording process, and possible future plans for his current project.

Chunkglasses: You’ve recorded previously on your home label for several recordings. What made you want to take a shot on a label besides your own?

Ben Asbury: There are a lot of things that you have to do to get your name out there that I hate doing. I still love putting cassettes out on my own label or recordings of my friends. Hyping up a record isn’t really what I want to do. I did want to move onto a label besides my own though I originally was going to send the demo to Woodiest records since I love a lot of their stuff.