Welcome to ChunkyGlasses.com. Music is a part of everyone’s life. It is ingrained into each and every person that exists on the planet today. It’s part of you. It’s (definitely) part of me. It’s in our DNA. It’s always been this way and always will be, but these days it might have gotten a wee bit confusing.

Today, we are hit with a barrage of information and have so many choices that people sometimes don’t even know what they like anymore. In 2011 you can find, consume and forget just about every single piece of recorded music that has ever existed inside five minutes and then do it again, ad infinitum.  That’s a problem.  

As self professed music nerds, we here at ChunkyGlasses are here to (hopefully) help you weed through the riff raff and just talk about the best stuff you can possibly put in your ear holes. Like everyone else, we consume music these days at an overwhelming rate, but we also talk about it. ALL the time. It’s almost unhealthy how much we talk about it.  We live and breathe this stuff. It’s our sports, even when we actually LIKE sports. Point is, music is an obsession for us and we want to share that with you.

And that’s only part of it.

Some of us here at ChunkyGlasses actually make music. As such, there are big questions that loom on the horizon for the “crumbling” music industry. How can a band sell records in the face of rampant piracy? SHOULD a band even worry about selling records? Is piracy actually a bad thing? Do artists still even need labels? What does it mean to be a “musician” in a time when you can record, market and sell your product FROM YOUR BEDROOM? All of these questions and more are on our minds, and over time we’ll begin to address them as best we can.

If any or all of this interests you, then this is your place. Want to contribute? AWESOME! Just let us know. It’s a big discussion people, and we can’t do it alone. Just want to take in the content and use us as a filter? AWESOME! That’s what we’re here for. Whatever the reason we hope you enjoy it here and are always open to suggestions on how to make the site better for YOU.

At the end of the day, music is really just one giant conversation. Thanks for joining in.