“Doors” - The CooLots

Sounds Like:

An eclectic mix of Jimi Hendrix and rhythmic soul

Why You Should Care:

Listening to the CooLots reminds you of the diversity and talent of the Washington, DC music scene. Straddling genres from rock to soul to alternative, the CooLots bring together powerful vocals with such emotion and energy that each track they put out has a distinct personality. The only thing you expect from this band is that each track will surprise you with its ability to personify the intersection of many genres in a cohesive way.

The opening track to their new album Rebirth, “Doors” begins with a guitar riff reminiscent of a Foo Fighters or early Pearl Jam song, then opens up with the vocals and powerful rhythm section that harness the power of nearly every member of this incredibly diverse and talented band. “Doors” talks about the power of doors to lock you in, or unleash you to the world. The CooLots attempt to do the same thing with their music — tempting listeners to try a new genre or mix of styles they have not heard before.

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The CooLots
Track: "Doors"

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