Episode 216: Black Alternative

As of late, the music industry has seen a rise in talented African-American musicians who paint outside of expected mainstream lines for pop artists. In eschewing easy-to-consume tropes for left-of-center jazz, soul, and techno-influenced sounds, performers like Kendrick Lamar, Robert Glasper, Chance the Rapper, Frank Ocean and so many more have created a sustainable and alternative-inspired vibe. However exciting this class of stars may be, it's important to remember that this is a movement that has an impressive historical context as well.

In this edition of Chunky Glasses, Kevin, Marcus Dowling and SIRIUS XM's Director of Music Licensing Casey Rae dive back into history and take a wide-angle look at punk-aimed rockers including Death and Living Color, LA, Atlanta, Miami's rap revolt, Public Enemy, the Judgement Night soundtrack and so much more. If you're looking for a jumping off point to discover the roots of where pop music's black alternative resurgence is arguably headed (again), we've got you covered

- Marcus Dowling

Show Notes