Episode 297: Gaming The Playlist - Spotify and You

In a recent article on artist advocacy site CASH Music, journalist Liz Pelly investigated "The Secret Lives Of Playlists", and what she found out has sparked another cycle of controversy for the world's largest provider of streaming music, Spotify.

Is payola running rampant in the world of playlists? Is that really a problem? Do streaming services have a "moral" obligation to artists or has the label system simply evolved, meet the new boss, same as the old boss? Casey Rae (The Priest They Called Him: William S. Burroughs & The Cult of Rock 'n' Rolland Michael Kentoff (The Caribbean) join Kevin in the basement to try and navigate this hyper-complicated landscape and hopefully come up with some answers.

PLUS! Indie-Folk collective The Good Graces are back with a new LP (Set Your Sights) and we've got listen to one of it's best tracks for ya!

Show Notes

  • "The Secret Lives Of Playlists" by Liz Pelly [CASH Music]
  • Get to know The Good Graces
    Official Site | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter
  • Incidental music courtesy of Aquatic Gardener. Hear more/buy it HERE.
  • Listen to "7-Year Sentence (Going to Hell)" from The Good Graces new LP, Set Your Sights, below.