Peter Bjorn & John @ Rock & Roll Hotel - 12/2/2018

Peter, Bjorn and John have always been able to display a unique spectrum of sensations that can elevate you from mellow to euphoric in a few chords, and that skill was on full display last Saturday during their show at Rock and Roll Hotel. Their performance encouraged you to feel moody just as much as it encouraged you to show off your best dance moves and whistling, like on their indie-pop anthem “Young Folks”. Peter Morén’s moves could have come straight out of a disco club as he smiled and interacted with everyone, even going into the stage more than once. Björn Yttling, on the other hand, maintained a more reserved attitude, didn’t hesitate to make comments and jokes when his partner made some pauses between songs. The synergy between them was simply well orchestrated. Their setlist was a trip for long-time fans, who were rewarded with older songs like “Far Away, By My Side” from 2004’s Falling Out that as just as energetic as any of their new songs.

Peter Bjorn & John at Rock & Roll Hotel (Photo by Carolina Correa Caro /  @veronik.bandw )

Peter Bjorn & John at Rock & Roll Hotel (Photo by Carolina Correa Caro / @veronik.bandw)

Peter Bjorn & John’s latest album Darker Days is out now through PBJ Muzik AB.

Opening for Peter Bjorn & John was the Irish artist Talos, who mixed delicate electronic rhythms with emotional and deep lyrics while taking a violin bow to his guitar, providing the perfect start to an unforgettable night full of musical enjoyment. His latest release, the self-released single “See Me,” is out now.

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