Press Play: Marc Scibilia - Better Man

Sounds like: Jack Johnson; Ryan Adams; neu-Country
Why you should care: Up and comers gotta keep coming up.

Nashville has always been a hotbed of musical activitie and these days it's no different. In fact that there are so many actual working musicians there at the current moment that it's hard to imagine how any of them ever manage to rise above the twangy din to be noticed. But rise above they do, and singer/songwriter Marc Scibilia is one of the latest to begin to break out of the Nashville scene. What's that whole experience been like you ask? Well how about we let Marc tell you himself:

I write songs for a living. My grandmother still thinks I am going to be a doctor. My mother calls and wishes I’d move back home to NY. My dad leaves 5 minute long voice mails about how proud he is of me and usually asks (for the 1,000th time) how to get on Youtube to see my latest work. Yes, it’s complicated and there’s a lot to share. But I write songs, so I will usually keep our interactions to around 3 minutes and thirty seconds or less.


Sounds like your everyday life of a songwriter to me. Look, one thing that we as listeners tend to forget is that musicians are people too. There's a lot of work that goes into "making it" these days, and you've gotta start somewhere. From the looks and sounds of things though, that's something that Marc Scibilia is well aware of. So while he may be singing to you from his bedroom in the video below now, don't be surprised if this a name that your going to be hearing a lot of in the years to come.

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