"Solar Pilgrim" - Twain

Sounds Like:

A indie-folk tune for lonely folk

Why You Should Care:

Twain is the solo project of Mt Davidson, a musician who has worked with the likes of Spirit Family Reunion, The Low Anthem, and Langhorne Slim. With a move from NYC to Richmond, VA, Davidson has taken a DIY approach to his solo releases, putting music out on Bandcamp. Now on Austin label Keeled Scales, Twain is set to release his album Rare Feeling on October 20.

The song opens with just a twangy guitar, his fingerpicking reminiscent of the playful style of Django Reinhardt, where the instrument does all the singing. But hiding behind those whimsical guitar licks is a singer yearning for something much more than what he currently has in life - someone to be with him. Lines like “Walk right by me, I’ll be glad to have you for a while” make this chilled-out tune a lot more melancholic. This song might be too downtrodden to fit on, say, a Starbucks playlist, but his standout voice and guitar work should not be ignored. Twain will be opening for Langhorne Slim at Sixth & I Historic Synagogue on September 27 in Washington, DC.


Track: "Solar Pilgrim"

Album: Rare Feeling



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