Dum Dum Girls

TO DO LIST: Crocodiles @ The Black Cat TONIGHT!!

Sounds Like: Jesus & Mary Chain, Ravonettes, Vivian Girls, Every bad-ass fuzz band on earth.
Why You Should Go: Because gorgeous sunny Saturday activities should be followed with a scorching dose of dark reality and noise.

Dreading Monday, when you slog back to work and make up something to say you did over the weekend to hide the fact that you spent 48 hours in your basement with a case of cheap beer, playing Dungeons and Dragons with your hamsters?  Black Cat is here to save you from ignominy and disgrace, by bringing Crocodiles to the mainstage for all the 80’s throwback distortion your face can handle.

If you’re not familiar with Crocodiles, think of every song the cool kids in your college dorm listened to, then multiply that by a thousand dark lyrics and three more layers of reverb.  Hailing from San Diego, where the weather is perfect and the beaches are free, Crocodiles beats back comparisons to California happy distortion bands like Best Coast by dressing like the Ramones and singing songs with titles that include “I Wanna Kill” and the brilliant “All My Hate and My Hexes are For You,” off 2010’s Sleep Forever.  The band thrives on delivering dark and gloomy lyrics on a big old platter of fuzzy, skunky pop, and you can even dance to it if you’re so inclined.  

They’ve collaborated in the past with members of The Slits and Dum Dum Girls, and are touring to promote the most excellent new release Endless Flowers, so drag your butt out of the basement and down to the Black Cat on Saturday and see what turns up.  Be sure to bring your earplugs, cause it’s about to get LOUD up in here.  Tickets available HERE.

LIVE MUSIC: Dum Dum Girls @ The Black Cat - 2/12/12

Style and substance.  The tension between the two has pervaded and, in many ways, defined the output of the Dum Dum Girls during their brief career.  Their first LP, I Will Be (March 2010) and follow up EP, He Gets Me High (March 2011), were collections of tight, raucous tunes that showcased the group’s consciously cultivated girl group/punk image.  They were enjoyable albums with a distinctive (if familiar) style but the songs tended to blend together and, overall, lacked the personal touches and unique voice necessary to elevate these albums to greatness.  Indeed, the most memorable thing about both albums was the style of the group itself, rather than the individual songs.

Best of 2011 Day 3: Paul's picks

Today our "Word Economist" steps up to the plate to let you know what he's been putting in his earholes over the course of the year. I'm not gonna lie, we've had e-fights over some of his picks that generally result in me telling him to GTFO my lawn, but at the end of the day, the man knows his shit and has gotten me to listen to more music that I probably wouldn't have otherwise than any contributor this year. Now if he could help me unhear half of it, we'd really be getting somewhere! (I kid, I kid).


#10 Buke and Gass – Riposte

It is just short of incredible how much sonic variety the two members of Buke and Gass (Aron Sanchez and Arone Dwyer) can coax from the plethora of instruments (including the experimental instruments from which the band takes its name) that they play on their debut LP.  But, while such experimentation could (and often does) descend into unlistenable navel gazing, Aron and Arone use their innovations (and Arone’s amazing voice) in the service of some truly excellent songs.

Best Tracks: Bundletuck, Medulla Oblongata


Win Stuff: 2 tix to see DUM DUM GIRLS this Saturday @ The Black Cat!!


Oh, your faithful Word Economist has made a grievous error.  A while back, I purchased tickets to see the Dum Dum Girls at the Black Cat this Saturday, October 22nd.  Unfortunately, a short time ago I was gently reminded by Lady Word Economist that I have a wedding to attend this Saturday.  As a result, my tickets must be forfeited. But my loss can be your gain...I am giving BOTH tickets away to one lucky @ChunkyGlasses Twitter follower.

However, I won't give these tickets to just anybody.  See, Dum Dum Girls new album, Only in Dreams, is one of my favorite LPs of the year and a mortal lock for my year end top-10.  So, if you want to see Dee Dee and her band for free, you have to show me how much you love the new album. Just leave a comment below or send a tweet to @ChunkyGlasses (Yes, you can enter TWICE) before NOON SATURDAY telling us what you think of the track "Coming Down."  Any entry that includes the terms "Mazzy Star" or "Fade Into You" will be immediately disqualified.  You're better than that.