TO DO LIST: 2013 Equifunk Festival

Let’s say, not-so-hypothetically speaking, that you’re running one of the most innovative music festivals in the country. You’re holding this festival in an amazing location – a beautiful, fully functional summer camp in the Pennsylvania Poconos. You’ve got possibly the best business model of any festival out there, in that yours is all-inclusive; as little as $185 buys your guests not just the price of admission, but food, beer, and a place to stay (a bunk in the aforementioned summer camp). You cap your ticket sales at 1,500, so there’s not only a feeling of exclusivity, but the smaller crowds allow the artists you book to mingle freely with festival attendees. And what artists they are; some of the biggest names in funk and R&B have played your festival and they’ve raved about the experience; many have come back for more. In short, you’ve already done everything right. And you’ve been doing it that way for five years, to continually improving reviews and exposure.

So what do you do? Coast on the goodwill you’ve accumulated, continue to put on a good show, but keep it simple? Don’t rock – or funk up, if you will – the boat?

Not if you’re Equifunk. Not even close.

The all-inclusive festival that has thrived – to an incredibly degree – on word-of-mouth and a refreshing DIY philosophy is doing exactly the opposite, kicking it up a notch for their 6th go-round, being held August 16-18.

As always, Equifunk is a veritable who’s-who of funk; bands like JJ Grey and Mofro, Marco Benevento, and the Revivalists are all on board. But this year the lineup is all about collaborations. Which is to say jaw-dropping I-can’t-believe-these-guys-are-playing-together-anywhere-much-less-a-summer-camp collaborations. Jack-of-all-trades blues man Anders Osborne plays a set with John Medeski, one of the greatest jazz keyboardists alive. English funksters New Mastersounds – who at times sound more like the Meters than the Meters – join up with saxophonist (and DC native) James Casey, best known for his recent work with the Trey Anastasio band. Another moon in the Phish orbit, Jon Fishman, will play with his band Pork Tornado, one of only two shows the band currently has scheduled. The always entertaining Soulive, who have done everything from blues to funk to a song-for-song jazz rendition of the Beatles’ Rubber Soul, will play with legendary James Brown and P-Funk saxophonist Maceo Parker. Finally, damn near everyone in the preceding paragraph will play as the M&M’s; Benvento, Medeski, and Parker will join Papa Mali and Stanton Moore (of Galactic, who ripped it up at last year’s Equifunk) for a bring-down-house jam session to close out the festival.

Galactic w/Corey Glover KILLING IT at last Equifunk 2012

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Need some New Orleans funk in your life?

Here's the remedy: Galactic at 9:30 Club on Sunday, April 14!

Galactic's two founding members, guitarist Jeff Raines and bassist Robert Mercurio, became pals in DC before both moving to New Orleans to attend college. While there, the pair became infatuated with The Big Easy's renowned funk and jazz scenes, as well as the local legends of those genres. The duo, wanting to create music in their own style while still paying tribute to New Orleans greats, formed Galactic in 1994 with drummer Stanton Moore, saxophonist Ben Ellman, keyboardist Rich Vogel, and vocalist Theryl DeClouet, who left the band in 2004. Since DeClouet's departure, the band has continued on as a mainly instrumental group that often collaborates, both live and in the studio, with various musicians and singers, including Soul Rebels Brass Band, Corey Glover of Living Colour, Rebirth Brass Band, and Trombone Shorty.

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To Do List: 2012 EquiFunk Festival, August 17-19

What if you could go back to summer camp? You know, hang out by the pool with your buddies, play for some of the day but relax for most of it, and have all your meals prepared for you? What if you could do it now, as an adult? Wait, don’t answer yet, there’s more. What if there was unlimited beer AND astoundingly good music? You’re nodding now, aren’t you? And maybe drooling?

This weekend, for the fifth straight year, Equifunk will set up shop in the northeast Pennsylvania Poconos. Besides the fantastic location (smack in the middle of a working overnight camp) Equifunk has a why-didn’t-they-think-of-that-before hook unlike any other music festival – it’s all-inclusive. One price gets you in the door, your food, your beverages, and your music. You’re not waiting in line 20 minutes for the privilege of paying $11 for a beer. You’re not spending $6 on a hot dog that’s been sitting in a pot of boiling water since January.