Ivan & Alyosha

LIVE: Ivan & Alyosha w/The Lone Bellow @ DC9 - 4/17/13

LIVE: Ivan & Alyosha w/The Lone Bellow @ DC9 - 4/17/13

If you happened to be at DC9 last Wednesday, you can feel pretty confident you saw two bands that should end up on a lot of “best of” lists at the end of the year.

The double bill of The Lone Bellow and Ivan & Alyosha may be one of DC9’s best line-ups of the year, and they were able to do it twice (with Twin Forks opening for the later show).  The bill was rumored to be planned months before the release of either band’s new albums, and after the first show sold out an early show was added and also quickly filled up.  One of the dangers of a line-up like this is over-hype -- and without a doubt there was enough hype to put both bands in peril of falling victim -- but fortunately each band pulled its weight, and they both put on two great shows.

TO DO LIST: Ivan and Alyosha @ DC9 TONIGHT!!!

The Lone Bellow and Ivan & Alyosha at DC9 tonight! (two shows, doors at 6 and 9, both SOLD OUT)

One of the best double bills possible (and triple bill if you’re catching the late show which includes Twin Forks (Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional)), tonight’s show will feature the kind of guitar and harmonies that will have you irresistibly snapping and clapping along. Both bands performed at SXSW to an ever-increasing roar of praise.

Ivan & Alyosha, with a core of four musicians and occasionally joined by other friends, hail from Seattle. Their debut  album, “All the Times We Had” has garnered praise, and single, “Running for Cover” was featured on the NPR Austin 100. Brooklyn’s The Lone Bellow also features soaring, aching harmonies, on simple, compelling songs, making them a perfect match to Ivan & Alyosha for what will surely be a remarkable evening of music. 

Check out Ivan & Alyosha

and the Lone Bellow

Then do what you need to do to get to the show!